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win 8 enterprise key shop if eventArgument inc if Increment null Increment this, new EventArgs This is a great example of how GetPostBackEventReference s optional second parameter can be used on the server to determine what generated the postback when a control emits multiple postback elements. Figure 8 15 AutoCounter control in action. AutoCounter. cs using System using System. Web. UI using System. Collections. Specialized name.

onfig and Global. asax files and the roles that they play in ASP. NET applications how to use application state and the ASP. NET application cache to improve performance by caching frequently used data in memory how to use session state to store per user data for visitors to your site and about the various session state configuration options that ASP. NET places at your disposal. You ll also learn how to b. , ntical to Chapter 4 s NetDraw. cs. With a little help from. NET remoting, it didn t take much to turn a stand alone application into a distributed application. You provide client and server components the framework provides the plumbing that connects them. That s what. NET remoting is all about. PaperServer. cs using System using System. Drawing using System. Drawing. Drawing2D using System. Runtime. Remot. win 8 enterprise key shop, set the capacity as well as to read it. The ability to increase an ArrayList s capacity on the fly comes in handy if you don t know how many items the array will store when you create it, but you do know approximately how many it will store when you start adding items. The WordCount Application WordCount is a console application that provides statistics on word usage in text files. To use it, go to a comm.

for example, is a read write property that determines whether a thread is a foreground or background thread, a concept that s described in the section entitled Foreground Threads vs. Background Threads. ThreadState lets you determine the current state of a thread is it running, Microsoft win Vista Home Premium With SP2 , for example, and if so, is it blocked on a synchronization object or is it executing code while Name allows you to assign human re. win 8 enterprise key shop, onstructor is invalid, Regex throws an ArgumentException. Once a Regex object is initialized, you call methods on it to apply the regular expression to strings of text. The following sections describe how to put Regex to work in managed applications and offer examples regarding its use. Splitting Strings Regex. Split splits strings into constituent parts by using a regular expression to identify separators.

win 8 enterprise key shop ed ReaderWriterLock. To use it, Microsoft win Vista Business with SP2 , set up one reader writer lock for each resource that you want to guard. Have reader threads call AcquireReaderLock before accessing the resource and ReleaseReaderLock after the access is complete. Have writer threads call AcquireWriterLock before accessing the resource and ReleaseWriterLock afterward. AcquireReaderLock blocks if the lock is currently owned by a writer thread.

gle pen, win server 2008 genuine activation key , rect The output is shown in Figure 4 3. The Pen object passed to DrawRectangle borders each rectangle with a black line that s 1 unit wide. By default, 1 unit equals 1 pixel, so the lines in this example are 1 pixel wide. The brushes passed to FillRectangle govern the fills in the rectangles interiors. Observe that outlines and fills are drawn separately. Veteran Windows developers will find this . , But if Current LeaseTime is less than the value specified in Renew s parameter list, Renew sets CurrentLeaseTime to the specified value. ILease also has methods named Register and Unregister that register and unregister sponsors. A sponsor is an object that implements the System. Run time. Remoting. Lifetime. ISponsor interface. When an object s lease expires, the. NET Framework doesn t mark the object fo. 8, ol s Items collection. Items represents the items in the DropDownList. Significantly, win 7 home premium key on ultimate , this implementation of Page Load initializes the control only if a value named IsPostBack is false. IsPostBack is one of several properties defined in the Page class. Because all code in an ASPX file executes in the context of a class derived from Page, your code enjoys intrinsic access to Page properties and methods. IsP. win 8 enterprise key shop.

win 8 enterprise key shop. L authorization, too. Recall that Windows authentication comes in four forms basic, digest, integrated, and certificate. All four forms map incoming requests to accounts on your network, but each does so in a different way. The next several sections describe the inner workings of basic, digest, and integrated Windows authentication and the user experiences that they convey. After that, you ll put Windows a. win 8 enterprise key shop dAbortException try catch ThreadAbortException Thread. ResetAbort Assuming the thread has sufficient privilege to overrule another thread s call to Abort, execution continues following the catch block. In practice, a thread that terminates another thread often wants to pause until the other thread has terminated. The Thread. Join method lets it do just that. The following example requests the termination. 8 enterprise key shop - zation objects to become signaled, use the Thread class s Interrupt method. Interrupt throws a ThreadInterruptedException in the thread it s called on. It works only on threads that are waiting, sleeping, or suspended call it on an unblocked thread and it interrupts the thread the next time the thread blocks. A common use for Interrupt is getting the attention of a thread that s blocking inside a call to W. win 8 enterprise key shop, l use the Sql classes for the code samples in this chapter. Unless I say otherwise, win 7 home premium sp1 key serial , you can assume that changing Sql to OleDb in the class names is sufficient to switch providers. Provider specific class names without Sql or OleDb prefixes refer generically to classes of both types. For example, win 10 professional 64 bit product key 2013 , when I use the term DataReader, I m referring to both SqlDataReader and OleDbDataReader. 34Connections, Commands.

new System. Drawing. Size 292, 158 FormBorderStyle FormBorderStyle. FixedDialog MaximizeBox false Instantiate the form s controls Label1 new Label Input new TextBox Output new TextBox MyStartButton new Button MyCancelButton new Button Initialize the controls Label1. Location new Point 24, 28 Label1. Size new Size 144, 16 Label1. Text Number of primes from 2 to Input. Location new Point 168, 24 Input. Size .